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With the High Street suffering the after-effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, there’s never been a better time to choose from the superb range of greetings cards available online from ASH & DOVE. So, why choose from our collection? What makes our greetings cards so unique?


There are many reasons why so many people choose ASH & DOVE cards. The key to the popularity of our ever-expanding collection is this - we select every single card carefully and individually - making sure that each one passes the following tests


Variety & choice
Hardly a week seems to pass without us adding to our collection of exquisite cards – over 350 at the last count! Take a look at our collections, and you’ll find cards for every occasion and every person -

Not forgetting cards for every season - especially
Valentines Day - Mothers Day - Fathers Day – Christmas


Every card we choose must add something to our collection – complementing it in some way.



Our number one non-negotiable. We refuse to compromise on the quality of design or manufacture. Design content is key. We choose cards whose designs are creative, innovative or striking – even all three. The quality of our cards extends beyond design. Each one is made from premium grade, and, where possible, is sustainably manufactured.



AN ASH & DOVE greetings card will always be stylish and appropriate – sometimes witty – possibly naughty but never rude. Our cards are designed to give pleasure to the recipient. They might raise a smile or perhaps provoke a chuckle. They might evoke a nod of recognition. Whatever the response, the recipient of an ASH & DOVE card will be sure to feel warmth and gratitude.



Sustainably manufactured

Wherever possible, our greetings cards are approved by the FSC – the Forest Stewardship Council, dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. Where our cards include glitter, we make every effort to ensure it’s biodegradable. All greetings cards used to be wrapped in non-bio-degradable cello-packaging. However, we favour cards that are either wrapped in acid-free tissue, or in new bio-degradable cello-packaging.



We prefer to support the smaller artisan brands, rather than the mass-producer companies. The designs from smaller suppliers are more likely to be unusual and innovative. Among our favourites are our unique Musical Cards and Cracker Bang Cards. Then there are our very own ASH & DOVE in-house range that can be personalised free of charge.


The smaller ‘designer’ companies share our values. We find that their ‘Small is Beautiful’ principles sit hand in glove with the Ash & Dove company ethos.



The quality of our greetings cards is undeniable. What matters just as much to the ASH & DOVE customer is value for money. That’s why we offer you an extraordinary array of card designs at an equally impressive range of prices. For as little as £3 (incl. FREE UK DELIVERY), you’ll receive a premium quality card that’s perfect for the recipient and the occasion.


Show how much you care
Send an ASH & DOVE greetings card to a family member, a friend or loved one and you’ll be sending a clear message. It could be a message of congratulations, or of sympathy. Perhaps it will be a message to say ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘I Love You’. But the overriding message you send will be the message that says ‘I care’.






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