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Here's to you, Dad

"Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad." -- Anne Geddes


Dad, we salute you!

This coming Sunday, 20th June, it's your day. It's your turn to be celebrated. Yes, you - the guy who makes a difference to your kids' lives – today, tomorrow and for the future. They talk about 'perfect Mums' and 'perfect Dads', but none of us can truly claim that mantle of perfection. We all have our flaws, but Dad, you're the one who shows up.

Shaping a life
Fatherhood isn't easy. But every time you go that extra mile; every time you take a deep breath and make a superhuman effort to see things from your child's point of view; every time you show thoughtfulness and integrity; every time you give us a hug here and make a joke there; every time you throw us over your shoulder or lend us your own to cry on. That's when you shape a life. That's when you make a difference. And that's why we salute you and celebrate you. Thank you, Dad. It's true what they say. You are the best.

Of course, it's one thing to praise Dad, but we have plenty of ways for you to show him how much you care. Have you seen our collection of Fathers' Day Cards? You'll find some real beauties –

Witty cards - Cards to make Dad smile or, even better, groan. Wouldn't he just love a Donald Trump card? Or how about a funny card for a dog-loving Dad?

Nature cards - Wildlife cards - cards for the serious 'birder' or 'twitcher' Dad.

Footie cardsTrad. cardsGlad cards … you'll find just the card to let your Dad know how much love you have for him!

Highest quality Fathers' Day cards
Our range of Father's Day Greeting Cards has it all. They're ready for you to send. Our cards are of the very highest quality. With embossing and foils printed on thick, crisp board, they're great to feel when Dad opens his card on his special day. Whatever you call him Dad, Daddy or Pops, Sunday will be his day to enjoy and your day to celebrate him for the great Dad that he is.

So if you're a Dad, please accept our deepest gratitude.  Whatever else you may accomplish in your life, nothing compares to what you achieve as a father.

 With Love & Light - Karen xoxo



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