New Year 2021 – when giving matters

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New Year 2021 – when giving matters

“The thing that matters is others. That’s what life is about.”


So said the late, and very much lamented, Robin Williams. His words ring true now more than ever. Certainly, the medium-term looks brighter. But - right now, with most of us spending these dark January days in lockdown, life is still far from easy. Doubtless, you won’t only be thinking of yourself, but, as Robin Willimas urged us to do, you’ll be thinking of others too – the friends and loved ones you can’t be with.

That’s why we’ve placed at the very heart of our new collections for 2021, themes of light and warmth.

In short, we’ve been thinking of ways to cheer ourselves up … and others. There’s no time than now to look up and forward – to make resolutions, set goals - leaving behind the bad and sad memories and starting afresh. So – here are just a few examples of our new home gift ideas for 2021 – Throws, Cushions and Candlestick galore!  Enjoy … and good luck and good health for 2021!



Wooden ‘Shabby’ Candlestick Holder
Banish the January blues with this delightful Wood Candlestick Holder from Retreat Home. With it’s ‘shabby’ white-wood finish, this pillar candlestick holder comes with a soft ‘cushion’ base – so no unsightly marks on your furniture.



Elegant Candle
Also from Retreat Home, take a look at this gorgeous Candlestick Holder. At a foot tall, this most elegant, yet practical of ornaments will make a lovely centrepiece in your home. It too has a cushioned base, protecting your furniture from being marked.


Knitted Love Cushion
Here’s a lovely way to add to your home comfort – a knitted ‘Love Cushion’ from Retreat Home. This beautiful cushion has a ‘two-way’ design. One side is dark grey and cream. The other sees the colours reversed. The pad is feather-filled while the cover unzips and is fully washable. This cushion will look great on the sofa, the armchair or on the bed. What a super-cosy gift for a loved one or just for you! Great for Valentines too!


Bell Tassel Charcoal Throw

Here’s a wonderful idea to keep you cosy through the winter nights. A Bell Tassel Charcoal Throw from Retreat Home. This beautiful throw will look lovely adorning your sofa or bed. But, why not stay warm - curl up with the throw wrapped around you?


Chunky Knit Throw
On the same theme, again from Retreat Home, here’s a wonderfully warm Chunky Knit Throw. Call it a ‘throw’. Call it a ‘blanket’. Either way, there’s no doubt this will make a beautiful addition to your home and keep you warm all winter through!



Knitted Pom-Pom Throw

This grey luxury-knitted Pom Pom Throw is one of our favourite additions to our 2021 collection of home gifts. Knitted from the finest quality grey wool, this throw will look great on your sofa or on the bed. Wonderful for staying cosy on cold winter days.


Here’s to a Happy and Healthy 2021!
So there we are – just a handful of our favourite gift choices for 2021. All that remains is for us to wish you and your loved ones the very best for 2021!


 With Love & Light Karen xoxo


 Karen McCluskey

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