Beautiful home fragrances are the finishing touch to any room. Our scented candles actually work, with care and regular wick trimming, they will burn down cleanly without any black smoke when you first light them. We do not stock paraffin wax candles, all of our candles are either, soy, eco soy and or vegetable wax, with essential oils and lead free wicks.

What Are The Best Scented Candles In The UK ? 

We think that our candle collection gives you access to some of the smaller unique brands that we stock, and the best long lasting scented candles around. We know there is a huge market for Yankee candles and we don't try to compete. We offer designer interior home candles that are truly beautiful fragrances, hand poured and made in the UK. 

Table of Contents

- Are scented candles unhealthy ?

- Why burn scented candles ?

Are Scented Candles Unhealthy ?

We would recommend that you don't burn your candles for more than a hour at a time, and you leave the door to the room open. Some fragrances can by strong and may give you a headache, if you burn for longer periods of time. We would never leave a candle burning on its own near babies or children. If your candle has a lid, leave it to cool then trim the wick and  pop the lid back on. Not only does regular wick trimming stop black smoke, being give off when you light it, again it also ensures that create a even clean burn making your candle last longer. 

Why Burn Scented Candles ?

Simply put candles create a ambiance not just in your room, but also to your mood. They can evoke memories of joy in our life, remind us of perfume we like to wear, uplift and relax us, make us feel romantic, and for Christmas well cinnamon and nutmeg are the smells of Christmas. Who can forget the lovely intense smells when you walk into a spa, or if you treat yourself to expensive hotel, the lobby will usually smell gorgeous, one of the best hotels for a scented experience is The Langham in London which is truly stunning to look at and smell at Christmas.  

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