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Difficult, stressful times are persuading more people than ever before to turn to the reassuring comfort and delights of scented candles and diffusers.

There’s nothing revolutionary about scented candles. Through the ages, we’ve used them to help us to relax after a hard day. But in 2020, you could say that home fragrances have come into their own. Life has been different – anxious and stressful for many. However, now with restrictions easing, many are looking back, not just at a time of difficulty, but a learning experience of self-discovery.

A pleasurable, dream-like experience
Many of us have been turning to candles and diffusers to help us through the stresses of lockdown. Why? Clearly, lighting a candle with a relaxing scent can help us to stay calm – to gently chill. The very act of striking a match and creating that first flickering little scented flame can be a pleasurable, dreamlike experience. The aroma of a candle or diffuser instantly makes our environment a more pleasant place to pass the time.

Evoking comfort and nostalgia
With social life on hold, could it be that we’re all turning to fragrances to allow us to reminisce about the outside world? After all, the memory-inducing power of scent is well-known. Perhaps we’re lighting candles to evoke the nostalgia and comfort of everyday activities. Maybe it’s the ability of fragrance to transport us to different and exotic places. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that, with the onset of the pandemic, scented candles and diffusers have come of age.

Gorgeous and Green – our eco-friendly scented creations
Here at Ash & Dove, you’ll find the most wonderfully varied selection of scented candles and diffusers. There are unmissable old favourites set alongside an array of gorgeous new scented creations. You’ll find something to suit every taste and all budgets.

As you’d expect, quality is key to our offering. Only candles with an impressive throw (that’s the ability to spread the scent around your space), burn time, and suitably calming effect on our stress levels make it into the Ash & Dove collection.

Our green credentials matter to us. They really do. That’s why we refuse to stock paraffin wax candles. Every Ash & Dove candle comprises either soy, eco soy and/or vegetable wax, with essential oils and lead free wicks.

Candles or diffusers?
Are you a diehard aficionado of the traditional candle? Do you swear by the gentle warm glow of its lingering, lilting low light? Or perhaps you prefer the 24/7 aroma dispensed by all-natural diffuser reeds in their elegant glass vessel?

Of course, it’s each to their own. Whichever you prefer, we have an unrivalled array of styles and fragrances for you to choose from.

Here are just a handful for you to enjoy.

Abundance Citrine Crystal Candle - Luxury Healing Crystal Candle 
Imagine taking the lid off this stunning candle and smelling the positive, uplifting therapeutic scent of Lemongrass and Pink Grapefruit. The scent is both fresh and clean. You can’t help but smile. It’s like having your face in the sun. Nestled within the wax is a beautiful full-size Citrine crystal - charged to bring you positive vibes and prosperity.


The Library Luxury Scented Candle – a timeless luxury

The Chase and Wonder’s luxury scented candles are hand-poured in small batches using only the finest quality eco soy and vegetable wax. This is infused with a blend of premium fragrances using lead-free wicks. Each candle is presented in an illustrated, gold foiled box, all proudly made in Britain. This is a wonderful fragrance - rich and atmospheric and for people who enjoy a strong evocative fragrance in their space

Lemon, Patchouli & Lemongrass aromatherapy candle
The balancing and grounding effect of the strong heady fragrance of patchouli combines wonderfully with the stimulating and uplifting zest of both the lemon and lemongrass. The scent throw of this candle is fresh, cleansing and fabulous!


Bergamot & Huile De Ylang Reed Diffuser
This delightful reed diffuser comprises an essential infusion of Bergamot and Ylang Ylang oil with Patchouli and Jasmine middle notes. Angelica Musk Flower and Tree moss form the base of this therapeutic scent. This subtle fragrance is all about relaxation. Ideal for the bedroom or your de-stress corner in the home.  Remember – it’s your space. Make it yours with this enchanting reed diffuser.


We’re constantly on the lookout for new fragrances to embellish our collection of scented candles and reed diffusers. Capturing the warm essence of autumn, here are two additions that will be landing soon


  • Sweet Orange & Atlas Cedarwood


  • Lemongrass & Eucalyptus


So, we wave goodbye to arguably the most extraordinary, and in some ways, unsettling summer many of us can recall. But let’s remember that better times are just around the corner. There’s much to look forward to. How lucky we are that the simple, unobtrusive addition of a familiar fragrance can work wonders in helping us to recall past pleasures and anticipate those to come.


 With Love & Light Karen xoxo

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