Single Use Plastic, You Hate It So Do We

Posted by Karen Low on

Single use plastic has become  the scourge of our times. You only have to watch the BBC One's "War On Plastic" to know how much we are struggling to shop without it in our lives. As a company, no matter how big or small  we need to do what we can, and that start's from the top down. We have been in talks with  our suppliers since 2017, about reducing plastic waste. Including plastic outer bags and sleeves on gifts, cello bags for greeting cards. I am pleased to say finally the message is getting through.
From 2020 cello bags on greeting cards will no longer be used as standard. Greeting cards will come with a little label to hold the card and envelope together. Apart from cards with a hand finish that need a little extra protection, which is brilliant. We will only be working with companies that offer this solution going forward.
Our bath and body products come in pretty glass bottles, soaps are wrapped in wax paper. We wrap our gifts in white acid free tissue paper. We use string to tie bows so that our packaging can used by you to wrap something else. 
As our business grows so does our responsibility. To talk to our suppliers and make sure there ethos and vision aligns with our own. 

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