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At Home Spa Skin Care

My 10 minute spa skin routine begins in my shower in the mornings. Our morning rituals to set us up for the day. For me it's up early yoga and a shower, before I even have breakfast and start my day. I love to dry brush my skin followed by a warm shower. Enveloped in a beautiful fragrance. Followed by lashings of the best body lotion or essential oils. safe in the knowledge that there are no parabens, SLS/SLES  in the products we sell. Whether it's a shower gel or one of our lovely soaps and hand and body lotions. Our skin care range has to be the best. Our family and friends road test every product. With skin friendly formulas we know we can recommend it to our customers as well. 
Before we bring on a brand, we love to know their back story, before we even look at the product range. We have lots of questions. Where are the products made ? What goes into the products ? is the package eco friendly ? and cruelty free. 
Exciting new discoveries for this summer to our site, are T London and Senems Natural Soap.
T Londons bath and shower gels, hand and body lotions, candles and room diffusers. Are inspired by the travels of it's founder around South America, Sri Lanka and Morocco. They are filled with heady scents created for equilibrium, positivity, focus and clarity. Featuring  botanical essential oils. Glorious aromas; of green cardamom, hot black pepper, cedarwood, oud. Moroccan rose, pink peppercorn and vetiver. With skin friendly formulas. Ethical production, recycled packing. Not tested on animals we love the fragrance blends in this stylish eco friendly brand.
Breast cancer a disease that is close to our hearts is behind the brand Senems Natural Soaps. It's founder Yaşasın was born in Istanbul. She studed Bilogical Sciences, and completed her Msc and Ph degrees in biochemisty on Breast Cancer. When her family arrived she wanted the very best organic and natural food for her son. Having worked on cancer research. She is very aware of the carcinogens present in soaps, shampoos and lots of every day house hold items we use. We are very excited to stock her wonderful natural eco friendly soap blends. With health giving benefits. Safe For all the family. They will help with all sorts of skin complaints, from babies cradle cap, to teenage acne and . Included in the range is a first for us, Donkey Milk Soap packed with anti aging amino acids, vitamins A, B1, B6, C, D, E, Omega 3 and 6. It provides a luxurious touch to your skin, regenerating, soothing and restructuring it.  The retinol allows you to look younger. Donkey milk with its similar pH level to human skin, helps reduce skin irritations while hydrating & softening your skin.


Hand made spa treatment video bonus 

If you have extra time to spend and want to give yourself a diy home spa skincare routine,  check out these recipes for made at home spa treatments from stunning Priyanka Chopra, for your lips, body and scalp.

 The best beauty spa skin secret be happy !

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