The First Steps....

Posted by Karen Low on

We are a brand new web site, as with anything new there are always little teething issues. When you press that launch button for a web site, you hope the whole world is watching, of course their not; but hey you can but dream, and we all have to start somewhere right!

We have big plans for the future, not just for the brands and gifts we want to offer, but also for being a brand that cares, not just about our customers, that's a given these days. Our brand mission is to work with companies that care about the environment, use ethical and fair trade sources where possible. A great example of this is "Believe You Can", a British Brand that designs in the UK, but makes it products with fair trade producers in India, 50% of the profits go to support local communities and welfare projects including two schools. 

As for us we are committed to reducing our plastic packaging, yes we need your gifts to reach in you in tip top perfect condition, but where we can we promise to keep it to a minimum and use our pretty pink paper stuffing instead. 

We hope you will love what you see, and want to thank you for popping by xx

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