Stunning Wedding Photo Ideas for 2018

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"Say Cheese" Photos love them or loath them. Your wedding day is the one day that having the best wedding photographer you can find is paramount. To get the best out of your wedding photo's. It's not always all about cost. Expensive does not always guarantee the best wedding photos. You want quality, over quantity, someone with an eye for detail. And in this Instagram ready world someone to make your day look magical.
We recently caught up with the fabulous and award winning, wedding photographer Liza EdgingtonFor her take on photography trends into 2018 - 2019. 
" I'm seeing lots of couples investing in engagement/proposal shoots. Which not only prepare the couple for the big day but also helps us connect and find out about each other. For the actual wedding itself I have brought into the trend that I picked up in 2017, for individual wedding party portraits to later make grid type designs. There is a trend for using the gorgeous evening light for romantic backlit portraits. This light is soft and warm which is perfect for flattering images. I also have found that more and more couples, are wanting relaxed and fun, formal photos. Rather than the more structured. I love this because it gives people the opportunity to still be themselves. And the image conveys a little of their personality. This trend will continue to grow throughout 2019. With many more couples wanting relaxed documentary style images for their wedding."
We love the idea of grid style photos, ideal for your wedding blog and or instagram page. Whatever sort of engagement and wedding photos you have planned. A good photographer should put you at ease and listen to your vision. Create a visual  mood board so they get a feel of what your after. After all your worth it, and the chance to capture this day only comes around once.

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