The Best Valentines Guide 2019

Posted by Karen Low on

Who ever you love, there is no getting away from it Thursday 14 February is Valentine's Day. Here's the thing, I try, I really try to like rude cards including Valentines, but no matter what I do I can't. Don't get me wrong I do laugh, but would I want them on our beautiful web site ? The answer is a resounding no. Am I an old duffer ? (my teenage son may have something to say on this) I love fashion, art, music and movies. But most of all I love beauty in life and nature, a simple perfect rose, a wonderful sunrise, a chubby baby. You get the picture.
At a recent trade show we saw the most beautiful cards. With stunning fonts and foils so so elegant. My heart sang a new supplier. So happy, I went across for a closer look. Glasses on, business card in hand, to my horror every card apart from two "normal" cards her words, was so rude. But it did confirm what we already knew, if you want it done right do it yourself. So we are, and our new collection of greeting cards and scented wedding stationery is launching very soon. 
 I would rather have a witty elegant and beautiful printed quote. A stunning illustration, foils and embossing. Once you start a brand and identify your core values. You are always pulled back to what you believe is your brand, the look, the feel. So if you are looking for beautiful traditional romantic Valentines cards for your Mrs or Mr, inspiration for elegant little gifts that won't cost a fortune then your on the right site. 
I'm always proud to send people to our web site, it's our shop window to the world. And after all in the bricks and mortar world of retail and window displays. You would not have your bum on show against the glass right ? 

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