Disaster Skin to Goddess in 6 Easy Steps

Posted by Karen Low on

Here comes the Sun !!!
And you know what that means LEGS. We all love getting some sun on our skin.
But hate those pasty things that we've hidden away all winter. 
So now's the time for our 6 top tips to rescue your skin, before your toes come out.
  • Dry brushing, use a nice double sided mitt or brush before you shower. Work in a downward motion for your legs and arms, back, and upwards for your tummy and chest towards the heart.
  • Close the bathroom door and let the warmth build up, a bit like a sauna.
  • Don't have your shower or bath too hot, warm is good for keeping skin from drying out.
  • Try to use shower gels or soaps that are free from. Our beautiful wellbeing range is ideal, no nasties just nice, too many chemicals dry out the skin.
  • Pat your skin dry, rather than harsh rubbing.
  • Apply your lotion or massage oil whilst your skin is still damp, use a generous amount and let it sink in.
After a few weeks of skin pampering, let your inner Goddess emerge .
You will feel the difference with beautiful silky soft skin, ready to add your fake tan too.

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