Midwinter The Ritual Kit Gift Set

  • £55.00

Limited Edition Body Gift Set 


Exclusive midwinter Christmas body wellbeing gift set, to bring balanced harmony and wellness into your life and home, tap into the high vibe energy of this unique handcrafted kit featuring five high-vibe energy natural products. Containing a Wild Smudge stick to cast out negative energy and bring a positive healing life force, two Midwinter Luna candles to help you sit in meditation and set clear intentions. Midwinter Bath Salts to soak in to renew and recharge. The Midwinter Body Oil to soften and nourish your skin. A beautiful Quartz Crystal to gather good thoughts and feelings. A Me-Map is included to set your intentions to paper and a Ritual Guide with details of how to perform your rituals. 

Maximum shelf life - 6 months


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