Front of Volcanic Clay Soap for greasy skin

Volcanic Clay Soap Bar

  • $8.00

Antibacterial Soap Non Drying

Handmade 100% natural  volcanic clay soap by Senems. Using 82% virgin olive oil. Volcanic clay is ideal to lift and firm skin, it has ideal cleansing properties and can draw out toxins and impurities. It makes a great antiseptic soap for acne and gets rid of blackheads, making it an ideal beauty soap for teens and sufferers of greasy skin, it has exfoliating properties so it's not recommended for dry skin. 


Ingredients sodium olivate, sodium palmitate, sodium cocoate, aqua, volcanic soil,fragrance.

Ethically made free from chemicals, SLS & Parabens, chemicals, additives, preservatives or animal fats, not tested on animals. 

Size 3.3 oz / 95gr

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