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Midwinter Little Ritual Kit by the owl and the apothecary

  • $39.00

Bath Salts Luxury Little Ritual Kit 

The smell of this limited edition kit is just heaven, close your eyes and imagine the smell of a spa, deep luxury with a relaxation vibe. Follow the guide in your kit and create your own at home spa, included are a Wild Smudge Stick, meditate with the Midwinter White Luna candle, and finally take the deepest most relaxing soak ever to renew and recharge with your relax bath salts. 


Wild Smudge Stick, sage, lavender and rosemary 

Midwinter Luna Candle, beeswax and cotton wick 

Relax Bath Salts, citrus, orange peel, sunflower, lavender, geranium. 

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