Handmade bee hive natural soap by Senems

Bee Pollen Soap Bar

  • £6.00

Anti Fungal Bee Pollen Soap 

Discover our  bee pollen soap by Senems. Using 82% virgin olive oil soap, Bees use Propolis to protect their hives from dangerous microbes and fungi. This all natural soap bar, helps protect feet from mycetes and yeasts which cause athlete's foot. Pollen helps to build a natural shield against eczama and helps prevent wrinkles whilst refreshing the skin., 

Ingredients sodium olivate, sodium palmitate, sodium cocoate, aqua, honey, pollen, propolis cera, fragrance

Ethically made free from chemicals, SLS & Parabens, chemicals, additives, preservatives or animal fats, not tested on animals. 

Size 3.3 oz / 95gr

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